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Attack on titan

March 9, 2021

Attack on titan latest news March 2021


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Everyone waiting for Gabi’s death.

  • Attack on titan releasing a giant titan size manga comic book making it the world’s largest comic book.

To celebrate the end of this magnificent series the titan size manga/comic is published. If there’s a real titan out there then he can easily read this giant size comic book. The size of this 13.7 kg comic book is 101 cm (3.3 ft.) in length and 71.5 cm in width.

  • Isayama said that he wanted to hurt the feeling of fans so he is ending the story with a huge plot.
  • Attack on titan season 4 becomes the top rated show at myanimelist with a total average rating of 9.9 leaving behind the anime Full metal alchemist.
  • Likewise Fan are eagerly waiting for new episodes every weekend. This is because the Serie has become more interesting and astounding in the Final season i.e. season 4.
  • Attack on titan Season 4: the final chapter will end with 16 episodes. I am assuming that the story will not end with this season. Some extra episodes or a movie will be released in order to completely end this.
  • Shingeki No Kyojin’s MANGA will end in April 9th 2021 with a last volume 34.

New episodes are dropping every weekend and you can watch them on the day after the release day on online anime streaming sites or apps.


Shingeki No Kyojin | About anime | know more.

Attack on Titan also known as shingeki no kyojin (in japanese) is a manga started in japan. Hajime Isayama is its writer. He started writing Shingeki No Kyojinin in September 2009. The main protagonist of this serie is eren who lives in a fantasy world. In this world there are (giant size brainless humanoids) named as TITANS who only lives to eat humans. They have eaten millions of humans and the only one’s that are remaining are the people living inside a huge wall. Eren Yeager is among them who are living inside the walls. The story starts when eren was just a kid, who vows to kill all the Titans when a titan eats up his mother alive. Similarly On continuation the story becomes more thrilling and bring out some new and unexpected theories.

Wit Studio adapted the first 3 seasons of this into anime. But now MAPPA studio is the one making the 4th (final) season.

It has broken the barriers as the most rated anime in the world. On the other hand, some episodes of this series are in the top 20 highest rated episodes list of IMDB. Don’t forget to check out my other posts on some most popular animes along with many informative posts.

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