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Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes

August 15, 2020

Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes August 2020

Hello there, welcome to our site  here we provide all the working and updated Super Power fighting simulator codes that you can redeem so to earn Free Tokens. You can gain abilities like endurance, psychic, speed, and strength by using these tokens as a multiplayer. Find exclusive Roblox Promo Codes In our Website through which you can earn great Rewards.

Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes List 2020| Promo Code that works|Active Promo Codes|New Ninja update OP codes|

List of working Promo Codes with Confirm Rewards:

Get 5000 Tokens by using codes

  • Anubis (New)
  • Forgotten (New)
  • 40KLIKES
  • 35KLIKES
  • 10Kplayers
  • 300KMEMBERS 

Get 3500 Tokens By using codes

  • 10M

Get 3000 Tokens By using Codes

  • Sub2Cookie
  • Rainway

Get 2500 Tokens as a reward using codes

  • mehdiable

Get 1500 Tokens using codes

  • ZMLZGaming
  • ItzVexo
  • Jojocraft

Get 1000 Tokens by redeeming codes

  • Azend 
  • mrrhino
  • VEXR

Moreover, get Exclusive 6000 Tokens using code xbutterflies

and 500 tokens using code Joseph47

The codes here are all updated and in working conditions. You can check our site for more promo codes related to other games like PUBG Mobile, ROBLOX promo codes, Pokemon Go, get free exciting stuff. Please let us know if you find any expired code on this list so that we can remove it and put it in the expired codes list.

Expired Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes| Promo Codes That You Missed |

List Of promo codes that have expired :

  • QUESTS – (Reward -3,000 Tokens)
  • 1M – (Reward – 3,500 Tokens)
  • 10KLIKES – (Reward – 5,000 Tokens)
  • ShutdownTokens – Get 2,500 Tokens on redemption
  • 100Kmembers – (Reward – 5,000 Tokens)
  • SUPERSECRETEARLYACCESSCODE – Get 1,111 Tokens as reward
  • 5KPLAYERS – Get 2,500 Tokens on redemption
  • Fusion2500 – Get 2,500 Tokens as reward
  • 1.5K – (Reward – 1,500 Tokens)
  • ServerSpecial – (Reward – 1,500 Tokens)
  • 1KLikes – Get 1,350 Tokens on redemption
  • 1250Tokens – Get 1,250 Tokens on Redemption
  • 750LikeTokens – (Reward – 1,250 Tokens)
  • TwitterTokens -( Reward – 1,250 Tokens)
  • 250Players -( Reward – 999 Tokens)
  • GamingDan – Get 1,500 Tokens as reward
  • Release – Get 1,000 Tokens on redemption
  • 500likes -( Reward – 1,000 Tokens)
  • GAMESREBORNSECRETCODE – (Reward – 1,000 Tokens)
  • Tokens777 – Get 777 Tokens on Redemption

How To Redeem A Super Power Fighting Simulator Code?

Open up the game and click on the list button at the side of the screen. After that click on the codes button, there you can redeem the copied code to get the reward.

About the game | New Ninja Update! is here |

It is an Ultimate Training Game in which you have to Train your mind, body, fists, and pace. You can unlock things like new skills, New island, and many more. moreover, you can group up with your friends so to explore more.

With this update, the game has reached to a whole next level because the New Ninja update brings about new things like ninja Island to train in, four new transformations, new auto train game pass, new ranks, new fusions, along with many bug fixes and improvements.

Be Sure To Check Back our site Because We’ll be updating this post and others soon.

You can stick to our site for more updates and new releases, keep playing and enjoying!

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